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Drone Cover Ireland

We are part of the O’Loughlin Insurance Group and offer Liability Insurance for Commercial Drone Operators based in Ireland.

So whatever you call it, Drones, RPAS, UAV, UAS, SUA, Fixed Wing, Quadcopters, Multicopters, Aerial Platforms,

Whatever you fly we can cover you

Based in Swords in Co. Dublin we have been specialising and dealing with photographers, videographers and people involved in the Multimedia Sector for over 8 years. We also been covering Drone and Fixed Wing Pilots. Our staff are experienced in the Multimedia field and are keen photographers and also drone operators. So we understand your business.

So if you fly your aerial device commercially make sure you have Public Liability to protect you and your business. We can also cover your Equipment.

Drone Third Party Liability Insurance

Cover for €2.6m or €6.5m (Higher Limits available on request)

Cover for damages in respect of accidental bodily injury caused by the operation or flight of the Drone / RPAS
Cover for damages to third party property caused by the Drone / RPAS

Drone Employers Liability Insurance (Optional Cover)

Cover for €13m (Higher Limits available on request)

Cover for damages in respect of accidental bodily injury, caused to an employee or person acting under your supervision or control by the operation or flight of the Drone / RPAS

Equipment Insurance (Optional Cover)

Cover for your aerial and ground equipment.

Cover for damages in respect of your equipment as a result of loss, damage or theft. Cover for your equipment whilst in your home and also in transit.

So How do I get a Quote?

Once you have completed your flight school training, you can call us on {01} 840-8060 or complete your details below and we will get back to you.

Some of the areas our current clients operate

  • Video and Film Industry
  • Photography
  • Crowd Surveillance
  • Claim Assessments
  • Geo Mapping
  • Coastal Monitoring
  • Land Surveying
  • Agriculture and Crop Monitoring
  • Forestry
  • Farm & Crop Monitoring

What does dronecover.ie insurance cover?

The key exposures covered by dronecover.ie insurance are 3rd party bodily injury (you’ve injured somebody while flying your drone) and 3rd party property damage (you’ve damaged somebody’s property while flying your drone).

Also if you have someone working as a spotter or second operator you should also have Employers Liability cover to make sure they are covered in case they are injured whilst working for you.

Why purchase drone insurance?

Most clients will insist that you provide insurance cover for any commercial work that you undertake. As with any insurance, drone insurance is designed to protect you against loss, third party injury or third party property damage. It also protects you and your business, the last thing you want is to be hit with a large bill for damage to a third party property or an injury to someone.

In the Event of an Incident which may turn into a Claim

This is where we come into our own. Call us or email us and our in house team will be there to guide you, offer you advice and deal with any claim that may arise.

To help make sure you gather as much information that can help tell your side or the incident. For example:

  • Take Photos or Video of the incident or area where it occurred
  • Copy of your Operations Manual
  • Copy of your Aerial Works Permission from the IAA if Required
  • Copy of your Pre-flight and On-site survey


Call us on {01} 840-8060 today for a Drone Insurance quotation

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Email one of our team at info@dronecover.ie for an quick quote

Our Address

Little North Street, Swords, Co. Dublin. Republic of Ireland.

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